Ear Micro & Klipsch present: The T10

We're proving that the most elegant, advanced, and sustainable smart hearable products are proudly designed, engineered, origin-sourced and hand built in the USA.


  • "Wow. Just wow. I’m not sure I’ve ever heard anything like this. It’s literally like the music is coming from…inside my head. So clear and present. And really smaller and more convenient than custom fit in-ears. Such quality."

    3LAU, World-Renowned DJ & EDM Producer

  • "The T10 Bespoke Ear Computers are like nothing the world has ever seen or heard before—capable of delivering the power, detail, and emotion of the live music experience inside your head, yet so diminutive in size that you or anyone else will barely notice you’re wearing them.”

    Paul Jacobs, Klipsch's President & CEO

  • "I was truly impressed with the IEM / craft and technology.  I felt that I was looking at a device that was from ten years in the future.”

    Eric Gould, Founder & Owner of Soundlux Audio

  • "Honestly I've finally had some time with the T10s now and its just such a great easy to use product - so well engineered. I'm soooo impressed with the battery - hours and hours of use. I really do recommend it. 

    Assad Ansar, Carbon Phantom

  • "They are so comfortable you can literally forget you were wearing them. The transparency feature is so clear you don't realize you weren't just listening to your own ears."

    Angel Morales, The Angel Unit

  • "I used mine in the Transparency Hearing Aid mode which was custom-tuned based on my hearing profile resulted in a listening experience that was INFINITELY more enjoyable than wearing my $5.5K Starkey hearing aids.  The sound was NATURAL and my prescribed needs have been met and exceeded.”

    Steve Ehr, The Apollo Bronze

  • "I’ve been a collector of vintage hi-fi for many years. This is the first in-ear listening experience I’ve ever heard that can truly match the warm intimacy of the very best 2-ch home audio system, but in an earphone. Bravo. I just can’t believe I’m hearing wireless audio sound like this, and I can’t believe the size. This thing will change the world."

    Dave Urbasic, The Nautica

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EAR Micro x Klipsch

A collaboration borne on the legacy of Klipsch’s legendary X10 wired in-ear monitors, first launched in 2008 to worldwide critical acclaim and thoroughly reimagined for today. We’ve literally strapped a micro-computer right onto the side of the X10 audio module in order to create the world’s first high-fidelity wireless in-ear computers. Comput-ears for short!

So what’s a comput-ear? We don’t blame you for asking. It’s a whole new category of wearable tech.

A long time ago, computers used to fill a room. Then they got smaller and could fit on your desk or in your lap. Another leap put computers in our hands in the form of smartphones and then strapped onto our wrists as smartwatches. Now computers can be miniaturized to fit into a package that will slip effortlessly right into your ear, connecting you to the digitalworld seamlessly, comfortably, flexibly.

Why the hell not? Klipsch and EAR Micro believe that the world’s most advanced, versatile, best sounding, and highest quality comput-ears are just the type of luxury Hi-Fi listening instrument that certain folks will want to enjoy customizing and individualizing to their heart's content.

Our Bespoke Edition T10’s offer exactly that flexibility. Select real 18k yellow gold, rose gold, sterling silver, stainless steel, copper, or blackened nickel metal finish for the charger frame and doors. Choose from natural polished pearl or charcoal ceramic zirconia for the charger top/bottom cover and the comput-ear frame and respective top/bottom cover. Or if you prefer, we can hand Cerakote these zirconia components in virtually any color imaginable.

For the charger cover inserts you can opt for carbon fiber, real wood veneer, or select from over eight hundred different artisanal PanAm leathers or even work with us to develop a custom laser etched or embossed motif to apply to that leather. Alternatively, go full rogue and select exotic skins or vegan equivalents—whatever your preference and taste dictate.

For the ultimate in self-expression, take things over the top by working with our in-house jewelry design team to add precious or semi-precious stones, or intricate carvings and reliefs.

For those who’d rather not wait for a completely Bespoke Edition to be hand-crafted to order, we offer the same ultra-high-end materials and finishes in a number of preconfigured combinations. You’ll find these in the quick-ship section of our web-based catalog.

We encourage that you to begin experimenting with our online custom configurator or e-mail us at bespoke@EARmicro.com to set up a personal appointment with one of our designers. We’ll assist you in fashioning the ultimate Hi-Fi listening instrument as unique as your imagination can dream and your pocketbook can handle.

With T10 Bespoke Edition, Klipsch and EAR Micro are in the “yes we can” business. Something made possible because the T10’s have been designed, engineered, and hand-built from scratch right here in the USA--the way things used to be. The way things ought to be.

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What is the T10 Bespoke?

At EAR Micro, we design, engineer and produce impossibly small comput-ears (hearables) in partnership with world-class brands.

These aren’t simply true wireless earbuds, they’re tiny quad-core computers, running their own operating system with built-in artificial intelligence, an array of sensors, multiple i/o’s, and powerful DSP’s. What’s the net? Audiophile-quality sound and nearly infinite opportunities to create programmable features triggered by our array of patented user interfaces (including voice, touch, head gestures, and mouth gestures).


Upgradeable High Performance

The world needs less e-trash.

We see other companies producing millions and millions of wireless earphones made of non-renewable plastics and packed full of environmentally questionable/non-replaceable lithium-ion batteries and electronic components. Planned obsolescence translates to landfill bait in two or three years.

Klipsch has been producing its legendary Klipschorn loudspeakers continuously for some 75 years now. Repairs and upgrades allow brilliantly designed and engineered products to last a lifetime rather than a few years. So we thought, “why not apply the same thinking to high-tech comput-ears?”

Klipsch and EAR Micro have developed the world’s first chassis architecture for hearables. It bolts together exactly like a Swiss timepiece to be completely serviceable and upgradeable.

Sustainable Natural Luxury Materials

Non-renewable plastic is really bad. For a million reasons—like the fact that it’s filling our oceans and creeping into our food supply. However, it’s simply so cheap and versatile that it’s the go-to material of the consumer products industry.

Klipsch and EAR Micro believe that better performing alternatives exist, while conceding that the price of the finished good is necessarily higher (at least initially). But long term? We’ll argue that an item that’s built to last a lifetime will always pencil out to be the least expensive and a helluva lot more fun to own.

T10’s are built nearly entirely from ultra-high performance ceramic zirconia, titanium, bronze, stainless steel, copper, gold, silver, and leather—natural and sustainable materials that can be returned to the earth simply, a long time from now when their utility has ultimately passed.

Size, Sound, Style, Smarts

If you set out to design a zero-compromise product without concern for the price you’ll have to charge, it’s easy enough to define a whole new standard for what is possible.

But easy to define and easy to achieve are two different things. Developing something insanely cool, legitimately best in all categories, takes time. In this case, nearly six years of continuous development and refinement have elapsed since EAR Micro and Klipsch first discussed the possibility of collaborating to produce the world’s smallest and highest performing comput-ears.

Klipsch lent its 75 years of sonic know-how, contributing the audio guts of the famous X10 wired in-ear monitors. EAR Micro contributed its revolutionary micro-computing platform and deep expertise in miniaturization. Together, we’ve set the bar at an entirely new level. We believe you’ll enjoy the fruits of our dogged pursuit for many years to come.

  • Augmented Hearing

    High resolution audio and telephony capabilities, coupled with powerful programmable DSP’s. Adjust audio equalization parameters, ambient sound pass-through, spacial enhancement, and more.

  • Hands-Free Control

    No need to fumble around with your phone. Programmable gesture interfaces let you move your head, make a mouth gesture, even say a word, and the micro hearable will execute as if by magic.

  • IoT Interface

    We’ve moved beyond just controlling your phone and apps. Now you can also run your car, your home, and any other internet-connected device—all from your ears.

  • Ear Micro, LLC


    Product design, research and development, patents, electrical engineering, software development, production management, hand-assembly of Bespoke Editions

  • Klipsch Group, Inc.


    T-10 audio tube, balanced armature gasket, patented oval ear tips, analog audio-path engineering, custom voice and audio tuning, ANC and transparency calibration, world-wide distribution



    Precision ceramic engineering and development, additive manufacturing, and direct injection molding

  • Desktop Metal


    Raw metal components for the charger frame, doors, and ear-computer acoustical tube

  • Arrow Electronics


    Discrete electronic components, integrated microchips, origin source cross-referencing to assure American-made electrical components are specified wherever possible

  • Quality Castings


    Custom lost-wax jewelry casting and polishing for precious metal components

  • Sanmina


    PCB assembly, plus hand fabrication of mechanical sub-assemblies

  • TE Connectivity


    Integrated cap-sense multi-gesture touch-face with integrated LDS micro antenna structure (patents-pending jointly with EAR Micro)