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Beyond our astonishingly powerful and clear hi-res musical streaming experience, T10 Bespoke in-ear computers pack the brain of a smart watch into the form-factor of an in-ear-monitor (IEM). 

We call it an in-ear computer because our advanced touch, voice, head motion, and other gestures allow hands-free, eyes-free command and control over your music, apps, assistant, and other connected devices.

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  • "The T10 Bespoke are like nothing the world has ever seen or heard before—capable of delivering the power, detail, and emotion of the live music experience inside your head."

  • "Your product is incredible. The design and sound quality alone sells the product itself. I’m a believer in your product and want to see you succeed. Let's make it happen!"

  • "I was truly impressed with the IEM / craft and technology.  I felt that I was looking at a device that was from ten years in the future."

  • "I’m not sure I’ve heard anything like this. It’s like the music is coming from…inside my head. So clear, present, and smaller and more convenient than custom fit in-ears."

  • "I've finally had some time with the T10s now and its just such a great easy to use product - so well engineered. I'm so impressed with the battery - hours and hours of use. I really do recommend it."