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Beyond our astonishingly powerful and clear hi-res musical streaming experience, T10 Bespoke in-ear computers pack the brain of a smart watch into the form-factor of an in-ear-monitor (IEM). 

We call it an in-ear computer because our advanced touch, voice, head motion, and other gestures allow hands-free, eyes-free command and control over your music, apps, assistant, and other connected devices.

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  • "The T10 Bespoke are like nothing the world has ever seen or heard before—capable of delivering the power, detail, and emotion of the live music experience inside your head."

  • "The design process felt like I was creating a piece of art. The creative inspiration within Bear and team is mind-blowing; they took a rough cut of an idea and turned it into something truly remarkable and reflects exactly what I wanted, but didn't know how to communicate."

  • "The T10 is one of the best TWS/IEMs I have heard... Period... If I had to settle the T10 would be my easy choice. The real beauty besides stellar audio quality: you will have a unique product from a company that cares about the individual customer."

  • "I’m not sure I’ve heard anything like this. It’s like the music is coming from…inside my head. So clear, present, and smaller and more convenient than custom fit in-ears."

  • "I don’t want to put mine down—I just love holding them… The attention to detail and the level of presentation is amazing… Everyone that has seen the pictures are excited about the product and process. Thank you very much."

  • "I was truly impressed with the IEM/ craft and technology.  I felt that I was looking at a device that was from ten years in the future."

  • "I've finally had some time with the T10s now and its just such a great easy to use product - so well engineered. I'm so impressed with the battery - hours and hours of use. I really do recommend it."

  • I’ve been a collector of vintage hi-fi for many years. This is the first in-ear listening experience that can truly match the warm intimacy of the very best  2-ch home audio system. I can’t believe I’m hearing wireless audio sound like this, and I can’t believe the size. [The T10 Bespoke] will change the world.

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