What happens when a world-class engineer and an accomplished metalsmith collaborate? The Bartolotta.

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The Bartolotta T10 Bespoke features a stunning one-of-a-kind engraving from Phil Bartolotta of Custom Fine Metalwork and Engraving.

The design is carved atop a soft-brushed 925 sterling silver metal frame that has been channeled and bordered with a 24k gold rod inlay. On top sits the engraved pattern of delicate floral wings that decorate the perimeter of the entire T10 Bespoke, and has been saturated with black ink to provide depth and contrast to the detailed design.

24k gold details are incorporated in the Klipsch logo and jewelry bail at the head of the unit, and are contrasted by the face which features stunning micro-diamond cover inserts from our friends at DiamArt in Italy.

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One-of-a-kind engraving from Phil Bartolotta of Custom Fine Metalwork and Engraving on a soft-brushed 925 sterling silver metal frame with a 14k gold inlay border. The Klipsch logo and jewelry bail are 24k gold contrasted by silver micro-diamonds cover inserts from DiamArt.

DiamArt Micro Diamonds Silver and Obsidian Black YTPZ Zirconia

Brushed 925 Sterling Silver, 14k Gold, 24k Gold


- A pair of T10 Bespoke ear computers
- Portable gull-winged storage case and pocket charger
- 1 black oak wooden display box/ storage case
- (6) sets of Klipsch patented oval eartips (sizes XXS to XL)
- Pocket induction charging station (ICS)
- 12” USB-C cord with optional USB-A adaptor
- 1 genuine embossed leather T10 draw-string carry bag
- 1 black velvet ICS / USB cable draw-string carry bag

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