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ICS Pocket Charging Base

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• Perfect when you want to leave an extra ICS in your car, or at the office.
• Available in each of the corresponding available T10 metals 
(Polished or brushed Solid 925 Sterling Silver, polished 24k gold over bronze, polished 18k rose gold over bronze, polished or brushed bronze, polished or brushed copper over bronze, bright nickel chrome over zinc, black-chrome over zinc, distressed brushed gunmetal over zinc, distressed brushed nickel over zinc, and distressed brushed copper over zinc.)
• Soft-touch charging surface is made from elastic Green-Dot Bioplastic, won’t scratch or harm T10 Charger
• 4 neodymium magnets gently and perfectly align the T10 charger onto the ICS base
• Includes 18” Klipsch Ultra-braid USB C cord
• less than 1/5th the size of a standard desktop induction charging disc
* Delivers full 2 watts of power, tops off the charger in about two hours.  



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