Team & Expertise

Team & Expertise

Our team is tightly integrated, deeply experienced, and incredibly efficient. Collectively, we've handled complex hardware & software integrations, and challenging consumer product development engagements for a healthy dollop of well-known consumer brands, hi-fi audio companies, telecom giants, and even the United States military.  

Our expertise spans the disciplines of industrial design, electrical and software engineering, mechanical engineering, materials science, DFM optimization, UX development, safety testing/compliance certification, and production oversight. 

Developing a next-gen micro-hearable is a very tough mountain to scale; we're your sherpa. 


Who are We?

Anis, CEO (a.k.a. ‘the suit’)

Harvard educated, internationally honed, 2019 Pipeline Entrepreneurial Fellow, scaled former business to 1 Billion annual turnover.

Patsy, COO (a.k.a. ‘sanity check’)
Former product manager for Sprint. Task maven, but no whip required—she’ll kill you with kindness.
Troy, CTO (a.k.a. ‘wonder geek’)
CS and EE, RF specialist, extensive military contracting experience—don’t ask, he can’t tell you anyhow. Former CEO X-Com Systems, sold to Bird RF.


Bear, Chief Innovation Instigator (a.k.a. ‘train-wreck’)
But it’s his just-barely-tethered-to-reality mindset that we harness to deliver magic. Bear has personally written 35 patents (and counting), nearly 30 which are in the earphone, headphone, and hearables space. Bear designed the very first smart (app-enabled) headphones for audio stalwart Denon Electronics in 2011, ushering in the age of the ‘hearable’ as it is known today.


Martin, Industrial Engineer (a.k.a. ‘cad ninja')
While Bear sketches with wild abandon, Martin sculpts those sketches into pure product perfection. (Too Bear and Martin don’t share a body; they’re connected about 90% of the day anyway.
Mark, Software Engineer (a.k.a. ‘skid mark’)
Named for his proclivity for wiping out motorcycles. Jeez. We hope to leverage a bit more of his genius before he races headlong into another wall before his 25th b-day. . .
Mikie, Creative Director (a.k.a. ‘kool and the gang’)
Born in KS, transplanted to West L.A. Finger resting deftly on the pulse of culture, while his own pulse never rises above 65. Our chief liaison to the marcom teams we work alongside at our partner and client companies.


Rachel, Social Media Director & Graphic Designer


Chris, Industrial Design 2 (a.k.a. ‘kooky monster’, a.k.a. ‘Martin’s other hand’—since it takes a few of them these days to keep up with Bear’s idea factory of a brain. . .)


Matt, Mechanical Engineer (a.k.a. ‘Scope Junkie’).
Literally, poor Matt looks like a raccoon due to his bruised eye sockets damaged by 12 hours a day under the microscope assembling tiny parts the size of dust with the hands of a surgeon. Actually, the hands of a rock star. . . Matt made the semi-finals as replacement guitarist in the Red Hot Chili Peppers. But don’t ask him about it, —he’s still sore he didn't score the gig.