CES International Event

Klipsch Group, Inc. and EAR Micro cordially invite you to a private demonstration and listening session for T10 Bespoke in-ear computers:  the smallest, lightest-weight, highest-quality luxury wireless listening instruments in the world.  


What is the T10 Bespoke?

T10 Bespoke ear computers are hand-built one-at-a-time to order, right here in the USA from ultra-premium materials such as YTPZ Ceramic in your choice of color, jewelry-cast metal components in solid bronze, 925 sterling silver, 24k gold or rose-gold, and may even include precious gemstones.  

Each unit is custom-specified in a concierge-level collaboration between EAR Micro and the end-consumer, and features premium in-ear audio by Klipsch Group Inc.  Prices begin at $2,800 and run to over $50,000.00 per set depending on selected materials and the degree of personalization desired. 

What units will be showing?

Several T10 Bespoke units will be on display, including entry-level units as well as two highly customized pieces at $17,500 and $38,000 per set respectively.  

Can anyone go? When is the event?

There are only (8) private audition slots lasting 15 minutes apiece are being offered via RSVP on a first-requested, first-granted basis at Klipsch’s suite in the Virgin Hotel, Las Vegas during either of the following two time slots: 

Thursday, January 5th, 3:00 to 4:00 pm PST

Friday, January 6th, 5:00 to 6:00 pm PST 

To schedule your 15 minute private time slot, simply correspond via concierge@T10Bespoke.com.